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Watching the Sunrise on Superbowl Sunday …

As has become our custom on Superbowl Sunday, we left the TV behind and took off on a wild and wonderful hike with Noah and his dog, Farley. We left early, before most of the world was up and awake, and took ourselves to one of Noah’s favorite trails. I love that my 7-year-old son has favorite hiking trails, trails that he requests and prefers, hills that he loves to hike, ridgelines he loves to wander. Sunday’s ridgeline is one of his favorites, partly for the walk that it entails – an oak encrusted trail that winds through grassy hillsides and oak groves before it walks you up to the top of the ridge. He says he likes to get to the top and look down on everything. At the top, we see all manner of birds: Kites, kestrels, scrub jays, blue birds, hawks, nuthatches, juncos. The list goes on. We’ve even seen coyotes. Sunday brought us the good luck of watching a white-tailed kite hover, hover, hover, and dive. It’s generally quite foggy on this ridgeline, though Sunday morning proved clear and cold. Very cold. Luckily, Noah was dressed accordingly, and so did not mind the frigid temperature, spurred on by his love of getting to the top, and the promise of hot chocolate at the end. Standing on our trail, under the boughs of a giant oak tree, clad in gloves and hat and hiking boots, Noah, his father, and his dog stood side-by-side as the sun crept up and over Mount Diablo, layering our hillside and the valley below us in a golden glow. It was a beautiful Superbowl Sunday …


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