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The Yearly Turtle Trek

Every year, since my son was about 18 months old, we have made our way to a vernal lake quite north of here. When summer hits, we pack our bags, load up boy and dog and tent, and head to the land of turtles where my husband spends a week studying his species of specialty – the western pond turtle. Noah and I spend this week hiking with the team of students and biologists, swimming in the river, riding go carts, and hunting for other animals – lizards and bugs and frogs and snakes. Noah has learned over these past several summer weeks how to use telemetry to find a turtle that has a radio transmitter on its back. He’s learned how to determine how old the turtle is, if it’s male or female, and how to process a nest. He knows what a turtle egg looks like. He’s learned how to hold a ring snake, how to catch a lizard, and where the frogs go to hide. This summer week we spend together is one of my favorite trips – it is us time, s’mores time, and time when my child spends 12 hours a day wading his way through reeds and jumping off someone else’s long forgotten rope swing into a river pool. It is a simple week, a week when everything else falls away, and we are left with what’s truly important – our family and time spent, quite literally, playing in the dirt.


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