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Surrounded by Sunshine

My little helper, Noah, and I recently made a very muddy dash through a local park in search of one photograph. It was that recent April week of torrential downpours, and I happened to look out our front window just in time to see streaks of blue sky and an array of absolutely breathtaking clouds. The trails were slick with mud, and our boots were quickly covered, as were the hems of our pants. And while I attempted to keep a little cleaner by running – yes, running – up the more grassy side of the trail, my devout sidekick hightailed it straight up the middle, telling me all the while that he would help me get my shot. By the time we got to the top of our trail, the soles of our shoes had at least an inch of mud caked to the bottom and we both stood a little taller. The clouds were everything I had hoped they would be, and Noah was as helpful as ever. And as we stood on the top of the hill together, my son telling me that he was going to be a “famous photographer too,” our huge white clouds rolling and roiling and reshaping above us, I found my other image. The mud ended, and the yellow began, and through it danced my child, laughing.


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Sarah Anne Photography – San Francisco and East Bay Area Portrait and Nature Photography

Child, Family, and Maternity

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