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New Year … New Hike

One of my very favorite things to do is to find a new wilderness area to explore with my husband, son, and dog. We are slowly traipsing our way through much of the east bay, one ridgeline at a time. We have watched as our son has gone from enjoying these hikes in the front pack, to the backpack, to daddy’s shoulders, to his own two feet. Just a year ago, we were still gearing the length of our hikes to “Noah-friendly.” And then, this holiday break, he turned seven. Just after New Year’s Day, we took a new hike we’d never embarked upon before. I was skeptical at the beginning as the trail took off between houses, on the outskirts of people’s backyards. But then it began to ascend. And ascend we did, until we found ourselves walking a ridgeline we’d never before seen. It is one of my new favorites, a ridgeline that is so purely northern California – large, knotty oaks that sprawl their way over the native grasses, sometimes reaching their enormous branches all the way to the ground. A rocky ridgeline, the stones are covered in that perfect mossy green. And a wind that whipped up, slinking over the top of the ridge, stealing our breath, stinging our cheeks. Noah walked – no, ran – the entire hike. This was not what I once would have declared a “Noah-friendly hike.” It was steep. It was pretty long. It was cold. But his long, 7-year-old legs ran him over the rocks, up the trees, and through the grass with nary a complaint. Standing at the top of the ridge on this cold January day, Shell Ridge visible below us to one side, our favorite Sugarloaf ridgeline visible off to the other side, my son sat himself upon one of those moss-covered rocks, and took a moment to rest at the top of the world.

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Sarah Anne Photography – San Francisco and East Bay Area Portrait and Nature Photography

Native East Bay Area Flora and Fauna


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