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A Walk through the Woods …

From the top of Joaquin Ridge, a trail we’d just recently discovered, we could see down the slopes toward a portion of the Shell Ridge area through which we’d never hiked. We decided, standing upon that ridgeline, to come back soon, and explore that lower trail. We could see ponds, and twisting trails forested in those gnarled oak trees, standing amid those moss-covered boulders. Two days later, we put our boots back on, and made our way to this yet-untraveled neck of the woods. It was muddy, and there were ticks, but it was wild and wonderful. It was so cold still, and had been so cold the night before, that ice still coated patches of the trail and covered still-shaded areas of the pond. We were fully gloved, and bundled, and by the time we were done, we were fully muddy. But every bit of mud and the mess were worth those moments of wild, of watching that winter sun rise up through and over the bare oak trees, with nary a soul around save for myself, my husband, the boy and his dog.


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Sarah Anne Photography – San Francisco and East Bay Area Portrait and Nature Photography

Native East Bay Area Flora and Fauna


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